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5 Best Anime All Time that You Will Want To See In Your Gaming Pc

1  One Piece

Want to know what’s the best anime of all time? Get ready because this list will share the best anime with you! While American cartoons are about adventure and action, or creepy kids doing strange things, the best anime cartoons have more depth and deeper meaning you can discover. In the world of anime, nothing is impossible, and if you are willing to try hard to reach your goals, you will eventually make it.
There are millions of fans all over the world, just as millions of American cartoon fans, graphic novels, etc. Anime fans are increasingly growing, we follow the latest news and updates, and we want to see that we’ve collected the list of 25 best anime.
It’s really hard to compile the series with hundreds and hundreds of episodes, but we can guarantee you that the main character Lufie will teach you a meaningful life. He will teach you that if you decide to achieve something, then you should fight for all your goals and achieve your goal till the end of life. This message alone makes this anime great.

2  No Game No Life


This old animation can be addictive for gamer,s because, of course, everything is about the fantasy world that is governed by certain rules that must follow all the followers at all times. The two peacemakers are the brothers and sisters of Lauren and Soria, they have to go to different worlds by running games and have a life-style to live in a world that is so charming and clean.


3 Psycho-Pass  

Psycho-Pass is an intelligent series that analyzes in-depth free will, and if a “slight difference” of a person, when it is cloudy, can determine whether it will become a threat to society. Using a special weapon known as Dominator, investigators can read and transmit psychological data continuously to determine a person’s crime rate. Depending on the degree of ambiguity of a person, they will receive mandatory rehabilitation or will be executed at the present time. Minority bloggers should watch this anime.


4 Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!
According to reviews, it is very likely that you will find your first boring episodes, but as the story unfolds, it becomes one of the most anime fighting ants I have ever seen. The story revolves around a rural boy named Tatsumi who begins a journey to the capital to make a name for himself and meet a group of murderers who appear to be dangerous and known as “the night of the raid.” Will you join him on his journey?

5 Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

This fascinating series focuses on the adventures of the young swordsman walking in the martial arts school of the Meiji era in Japan. So if the dramatic characters and scenes of the great movement of sword fighting, little history (the story goes on in the 1870’s) and some philosophy about how to live a life of violence against peace interest you, you certainly need to see this small masterpiece.

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